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For women, having their own all female party is the best because they can be themselves without restrictions. The best of friends party is something that’s really fun to enjoy not because of the kind of event is taking place but they are able to celebrate as being friends for all time. One of the all female parties that they love to enjoy is the hen’s night, also known as the bachelorette party, wherein the bride-to-be will have a party with her female friends the day or night before the big wedding day. Every bride that wishes to do so celebrates this, but they also have the option of not doing it to put all the effort into the big wedding day.

While parties such as a hen’s night can be done anywhere and anytime, not to mention spontaneously, the best party can be hosted when those who are planning for it know what is right for them. There are certain hen’s nights conducted surprisingly, only to bring the bride-to-be in a stressful situation. If you are planning to surprise a bride who happens to be your friend, you should first ask her what she really wants to do. Since it will be her day where she is able to enjoy without any restrictions, it should be an event where she gets to fully enjoy herself. If you do something that she really hates, it will only be disastrous for her. You should also organize the event in advance with backup plans in case there are certain parts of the plan that may be cancelled due to unforeseen events. Make sure that you have everything she wants in detail and plan out the party based on that.

Hens Night

Don’t forget to take into account how much you are going to spend for the party and the number of guests that are going to join. Ladies are known to splash out and give it all they’ve got during a party, but it is best to have it in budget and prepare emergency cash when needed. Sometimes ladies want to splurge just a little bit on the expensive side, so before you make a decision, check out the other guest’s budget if they agree on how much they will be spending for the party. Make sure everyone is in agreement so that there won’t be any discrepancies at the end of the party. You should also decide where you are going to host the party. Most hen’s night are conducted at the bride’s home, but there isn’t a rule that you can take it elsewhere. It is best to have it done near where the wedding is going to take place.

Overall, hens night is conducted mostly by surprising the bride, but it never hurts to ask her what she wants to do before she gets married to her loved one. It may have sexy male strippers Melbourne if you choose to party in Melbourne. This is why it is also important to have the bride celebrate the party just within the limits where the wedding is going to take place. Whenever something unexpected happens during the hen’s night party, the bride can be taken care of easily without too many casualties. Still, most hen’s night parties are successful since it is the time they get to unwind and be crazy, something that the bride can rarely do after getting married.

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Almost every stripper looks like a queen of seduction in our eyes. The truth is that they are attractive, seductive and perfect in what they do. People tend to think that their whole life is about fun and excitement, that they have the dream job and that they are enjoying in every minute of it. But do we really see the complete picture of their life? Is it everything as glamorous as it looks like? Of course it’s not. There are many bad things that go hand in hand with the job of strippers. We are very wrong when we think that pleasure is the basic characteristic of their job.

Strippers are also human beings. They have bad days like the rest of us when they want to stay in bed for all day doing nothing. But unlike the rest of us, they have to dance and entertain the customers even when they are not in the mood for doing that. Customers don’t want to know whether they feel good or bad, they just want to see them smiling and dancing. They don’t care if they have problems for as long as they are paying to be pleased and entertained. Otherwise, they will not spend money if they don’t get the strippers full attention.

Dangerous customers are one more problem strippers have to deal with. Some people might become violent if they don’t get what they expect to. Or they simply expect too much. In another cases, they don’t want to pay if the performance doesn’t meet their expectations. There are many people who think that if they pay to see the strippers’ body they should get everything they want. In such situations, customers can become quite aggressive and attack the strippers, the bouncers or anyone who gets in their way.

Imagine that you always have to use heavy make up or wear high heels all the time. Except the fact that it can be uncomfortable and hard, it can also cause harm to their skin and your body. Furthermore, they have to exercise a lot in order to perform the dance perfectly and they are doing that always in high heels. Do you still find their job easy and glamorous? Of course you don’t. But here is more.

Have you ever tried do dance naked or half-naked anywhere except in front of the mirror? Well, it is not pleasant and comfortable as it looks like. Imagine the stress and pressure that they all have every night.

After all that has been said, we can conclude that the job of the strippers is not easy at all. It can be very hard, exhausting and sometimes even dangerous. So, next time when you visit the strip club, have in mind that under the mask of goddess of seduction is a real person. This is a human being that might have a bad day and the same problems that we all have. They are not dolls and therefore they don’t deserve to be seen like that.

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